Yesterday I got my first epic flying mount from the Culling of Stratholme. I forgot about the time boss or whatever, the one that actually drops the bronze drake, so I went ahead and told Arthas we were ready for final boss because everyone else was just standing around. As the rest of the group headed in a different direction (without informing me of their intentions even after I asked) I was left to face Mal-Ganis on my lonesome with only Arthas by my side until the rest of the party came back. Oh well, stupid me. Good thing I was able to heal myself. But they let me have the mount drop. Now I only need 4k gold to train my riding skill.

Lately I’ve been feeling more and more like a noob. The more I learn about tanking and other aspects of the game the more I realize how much I don’t know. This also applies to life in general.  The good thing, though, is that when it comes to WoW there is really a finite amount of knowledge involved (I guess this is kind of a shallow thing to say). Eventually, if you keep at it long enough, you’ll know pretty much everything you need to know about the game- or at least most of it.

What makes me upset is that I’ve been playing for so long, since vanilla, and I’m still a noob. In my defense, I have had several breaks from WoW during which new things were introduced to the game. My longest hiatus was when WotLK came out. I was gone for nearly a year, left the game the day after they implemented the Achievement system. I got bored with the game. I got bored because all I did were dailies that never seemed to get me anywhere. I never did instances or raids.

Oh well, I’ve mostly gotten over my performance anxiety and am now a LFG addict. Hopefully my guild will start raiding again and take me along. I have never been in a raid lol. The game is so much more fun once you go ahead and DO stuff with people. If you just solo level (like I always did) once you hit the level cap you’re at a loss: what next? Sure, you could farm whatever you want or spam your professions or play the auction house and  make gold or become an achievement whore, but those things aren’t really the core of the game. To me, the real point of this game is to progress through the content that Blizzard has created for us. Everything else we can do in game is supplementary to the progression. At least that’s the way I see it.

Augh. I’ve been reading so many blogs and 75% of these blogs have been ranting about the issue of fail pugs. Its all very comical to read about but its not very nice once you experience it for yourself and worse still is realizing that YOU are the main reason behind this fail pug. What’s even worse? Doing it in front of the first guildie you’ve ever gone and done a random instance with. Even worse is when said guildie doesn’t seem very forgiving and when one of the random puggers is the one whispering you words of encouragement. I was tanking Pit of Saron, and it wasn’t my first time either, maybe my third time tanking that particular instance. I can’t remember anything about that run except for the tunnel of falling icy doom part during which I simply couldn’t hold aggro! I really don’t know what happened, I was throwing down consecration (not holy wrath though) trying to pull but I dunno. I had never failed to properly tank that place before (or since then) I guess it was just a weird day. That wasn’t the only problem I had holding aggro during that run, if I recall correctly, but any details of further or preceding fail-tankness were all burned away by the blazing horror that was my performance in that tunnel. I think we wiped twice in there, that says it all.

I feel that this run has forever burned me into the memory of my guildie as a failtank and he will certainly never willingly group with me again. I’m afraid that once we start raiding, if I ever get the chance to tank for raids, he might be very reluctant to participate in anything I’m involved with.

Well… I can’t say I would blame him.