It’s funny that my previous post should have talked about a fail PoS pug. Last night I had another amazingly terrible PoS run. I’ll take responsibility for the absurdity that was our encounter with Garfrost. I suppose I’m simply used to having overpowered healers or DPS who will usually allow me to faceroll through that fight. This is a problem that many people have blogged about: the complacency of players in the LFD system now that we have a lot of over geared people running heroics and the facerolling that ensues. The players who are going into these dungeons for the first time watch as the over geared players seemingly steamroll right through the dungeons with minimal effort. Because the healer is overly amazing, nobody really bothers to avoid damage and therefore just beat their faces against the boss until he dies. Apparently, brute force is all it takes nowadays. So when the new player watches this he figures that’s all it takes to beat the boss and he never bothers to learn what the fight really requires. I’ll admit I’ve been/am one of these idiot players who don’t bother to figure out the mechanics of the fight. I never wanted to be like that, but it just happened, it was just easier. It didn’t seem imperative to me that I learn the mechanics of every single encounter.

So, yesterday, we get to Garfrost and we/I decided to let him use our collective face as toilet tissue a couple of times. As it turns out, I (tank) was supposed to hide behind the boulders of saronite, along with the rest of the party, after he stuns and while he’s at the anvil in order to let the debuff wear off. Then you let him come to you and beat him down without running around like a chicken with your head cut off. It took two wipes and the commanding, yet respectful, instructions of a Boomkin to set me straight. After he taught me how to properly fight Garfrost I realized what an easy fight it really was and felt pretty stupid but somewhat fulfilled that I had learned something new.

I sincerely felt extremely grateful to the awesome druid who found it worth his while to enlighten us when he could simply have left the party, never to meet this failtank again. And here lies yet another problem with the LFD system which I am certain plenty of bloggers before me have complained about: a certain apathy and impatience among the more “learned” players. They join a party and once something doesn’t work out they often just leave the party. If its a matter of strategy why not share your knowledge with those who lack it? but then again, if these people decide to help out by chiming in who’s to say anybody will listen?

As the run progressed our druid continued to communicate with me through whispers as we realized that our healer simply wasn’t up to par. At one point the priest healer went afk to get the phone. Apparently, Priest’s daughter had just given birth to his first grandson. This caused a wipe since nobody realized he had said anything.

Now wait a minute.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

Your daughter just gave birth to your first grandson. Why aren’t you logging off the game to do something about it? How can you still be sitting at a game as your daughter gives birth? Are you crazy? I just don’t understand what would posses anyone to not be with their family at such a critical moment.

There are two things significantly wrong here. First, the obvious fact that this man is not joining in the celebration of the birth of his first grandson. He’d rather be playing wow?! Second, he’s holding up the party. His extreme distraction is making us all wipe. We wiped multiple times because he simply was NOT HEALING. We wiped on the boss, I watched my hp plummet at an alarming rate at the last boss (and throughout most of the instance) without getting any heals. I used Lay on Hands about 3 or 4 times (once on the Priest himself, in hopes that he would avoid death and heal the party before certain doom, it was a wasted effort.)

This is a lose lose situation for everyone involved. He is disrespecting his family and the pug by staying on the game. I was so tempted to votekick, but the morbid curiosity got to me. I wanted to see how far he would take this utter disrespect. He took it all the way.

It was an entertaining run. I will give myself credit for executing the tunnel of doom part without a flaw. It was a thing of beauty.

Plus, I made friends with the aforementioned boomkin druid. After the dust settled and the party disbanded, the two of us remained. We discussed a lot of things, including the priest’s failure (and my previous failure) for about an hour before we decided to queue up together for one more battle. Forge of Souls popped up, it was short and sweet. Perfect. Its really too bad he’s on a different server but I can jump on sometime to say hello.

I could say more about what went on last night, It was definitely an eventful run (I haven’t even touched on the subject of the drunk rogue who did 600 dps), but I’ve gone on long enough.