My main character is Briiseis on Turalyon. She’s a Paladin tank. I enjoy tanking very much. I can basically just go as fast or as slow as I want, screw the “gogogo” DPS.

Last night when the dreaded “gogogo” was uttered I wentwentwent. I didn’t even stop when I was OOM. I didn’t even stop for the healer to catch up. I didn’t loot anything I just went and by the time the gogogo DPS was caught up I was 2 pulls away from him.

You ever been driving down a busy road and you get tailgaters? The gogogo’s of the street. I cackle when I get the chance to do this: I slow down to 10 mph below the speed limit, let’s see how long gogogo will endure my slow crawl pace. He moves to another lane with the intention of passing me but just before he manages to do so it’s pedal to the metal for me and he has no choice but to get back behind me. Screw you, gogogo! And then I realize I might very possibly have ruined someone’s mood and I don’t feel bad about it.

So then I have a choice to slow down to a maddening pace. Let them gogogo and pull themselves. You spank it, you tank it: that’s my motto. Sure, I’m being a bit of a jerk. Sure the healer might hate me. And sure, I might get votekicked. I don’t care.

Okay, well, the truth of the matter is that I never really do this. I usually just try to ignore “gogogo”s and go as fast as I feel comfortable going. I like to think I’m pretty mellow.

Now to completely change the topic. Let’s discuss my baby druid, Viirlomi. (I wonder if anyone will get the references I’m making with the names Briiseis and Viirlomi?) She just dinged 22 yesterday. I created her specifically for healing but I’ve taken her into the balance tree instead. I’m excited about boomkin, quite frankly, but I’d still like to heal with her. Viirlomi has mostly been questing around while she waits for the dungeon call because I queue her up as DPS.

Interestingly, she’s been healing and tanking more than DPSing once she actually gets into the instance. There have simply been a string of terrible Priests in the dungeons I’ve done. Yesterday I was in a group with 3 priests (2 as DPS, obviously) and another druid. It was interesting and the group eventually fell apart. With three frigging priests in the group my druid was actually doing most of the healing. The healer just kind of stood there and didn’t heal the tank until he was at about 30% health. The poor bear tank kept calling out for heals time and time again. There were THREE PRIESTS. Somebody commented on my low DPS (/rolleyes) during that run because I kept going kitty DPS. I said “I’m afraid to use up my mana in case I need to emergency heal the tank.” And the healer priest asked why and I told him “You’re letting his health get too low before throwing out a heal.”

Nobody was happy about that but, actually, the three priests did start healing more often. I stopped healing completely just to see how it went and we did end up wiping. The tank died because the priests started slacking again. I went bear mode and tried to pick up the adds but it was too late and I’m too unfamiliar with bear tanking. One by one we all went down. And I chimed in, full of contempt like the jerk that I am (sometimes), “See what I mean?”

The healer left and one of the shadow priests left. I left too, I was tired of that run. Questing is just as good.

I immediately queued back up and 15 minutes later I was back in the same instance. This time there were four Night Elves (2 annoying rogues but they did their job well enough, and 2 druids. My druid was DPS and the other was healing) and one Human (paladin, tank).

The tank wasn’t tanking. I can’t remember if he had consecrate at 20 yet, but I know he had a taunt at this point and he wasn’t using it. He beat on one guy and ignored the rest.

In his defense, he was having some major lag issues. At one point, and this is where it got fun, his toon was stuck in his crouched looting pose for like five minutes. We poked him and asked if he was okay but no response. We figured it was the lag. I went into bear mode as a patrol came walking by and tanked it.

I was now the tank and we continued. It was difficult, especially since I’d never bothered to go over the bear skills, but I started getting into a rhythm. It was a lot of fun. It was like learning to ride a bike and when you finally start to get it and your dad let’s you ride on your own. It was great. Eventually the paladin tank came back and caught up with us, poor guy. We’d already cleared all the way up to the last boss, though.

That was a good run. The healer was awesome, seriously. What is it about druid heals? They’re always awesome or at least decent. I’ve never had a bad druid healer, ever. I hope I’m not jinxing myself.

Okay, now to switch topics once more.

Guild drama. Well, more like guild annoyance.

I’ve recently started developing a slight sense of loyalty towards my current guild as I become (slightly, for I am a quiet person) a little more involved with the people in my guild through guild chat and recent dungeon crawling. If anybody wants to do randoms, I want to go with them. I try to talk a bit in gchat but I am not witty or clever or funny so its a little difficult to be entertaining, but I try.
Yesterday, after listening to family drama and after an annoying day of work (I HATE my job with all my heart) I log on to WoW. I log on to Briiseis and stand around in Dalaran as I think about what to do first. Some guys are on gchat talking, I’ve never seen them before but they are definite guild officers and personal friends of the guild leader. I didn’t know any of this. So, one of them makes a “funny” comment in gchat. “Geared tank LF raiding guild.” Awkward silence and the lol’s roll in. Geared Tank makes a comment “sorry, MT”. Someone chimes in “at least have the balls to gquit first”, or something to that effect. Guild Leader says to Geared Tank “I know you’re not sorry.” Geared Tank then makes some rude comments, including expletives, at the guy who told him to grow some balls. I say “wtf?” Because, in my naivete, I was led to believe that we were a “mature” and “respectful” guild. An argument of sorts ensued. More expletives and general lack of respect were thrown around by Geared Tank. Grow Some Balls suggested to Guild Leader “can we get a votekick going?” Geared Tank replies “yeah let’s votekick and guess what? I win”.

Grow Some Balls has been kicked from guild by Geared Tank.

Okay, I’m confused. Where the hell is Guild Leader, I wonder to myself. I have seen people get kicked out of guild for much less than this kind of blatant disrespect. Geared Tank was purposely creating guild drama for NO REASON, I could imagine him just laughing it up. I look to see if maybe Guild Leader was in a dungeon or a raid and couldn’t pay attention to gchat at the moment but he’s just in Dalaran or Stormwind or something equally inconsequential. I ask, “Guild Leader, is this guy a friend of yours?” No response from GL. I’ve come to understand that my guild status is basically “she don’t matter”. Some people make remarks about Geared Tank’s rude behavior.
I check guild player status and I see that Geared Tank is actually one of the Big Shot Officers in the guild, a spot I understand to be reserved for founding members and friends of Guild Leader, whereas Grow Some Balls was but a mere “member”.

Grow Some Balls was invited back to the guild with an “its good to be back” sort of comment. I’m genuinely confused and more than a little disgusted. I feel like I’ve been man handled, actually. I start to wonder if this was some sort of joke or stunt to get people riled up. I’m disappointed with Guild Leader, most of all. Someone goes on to explain that Geared Tank was a close friend of Guild Leader, Guild Leader chimes in to confirm this and adds that Geared Tank was simply pushing his buttons. Wtf? This upsets me. I don’t care if it was all a big distasteful joke.

This jackass, Geared Tank, was throwing around insults, expletives and general rudeness. It was like watching a child piss in his closet. It was more ridiculous than any Anal [Spell Name] joke I have EVER seen in trade chat.

Okay, so he’s a jackass and nothing better. We can’t expect jackasses to be anything but that. My real issue, the thing that curdles my milk, the fly in my soup, is Guild Leader’s behavior. He eventually steps in to calm everyone down but I am certainly not calm. I keep my mouth shut, though. How can he and other Big Shot Officers live with this double standard? I’ll admit that I only skimmed over the guild rules and such but the whole thing had an air of respect towards others kinda thing. Like I mentioned before, I’ve seen members kicked for much less than what Geared Asshole was doing. So, I guess its okay to be a jackass in guild chat? Oh wait, no its not, not unless you’re a personal friend of Guild Leader.

Whatever. They should mention that in the guild rules. Personal friends get preferential treatment, VIP status, and a license to do whatever they want. If this is the kind of thing going on in guild chat I’m not sure I want to raid with people like this, especially being new to it all. I have visions of getting verbally abused by Geared Tank and Friends for not being pro like them while the Guild Leader just sits on the sidelines letting it all pass, because, you know, it’s just a joke.

I should gquit.