I’m still upset with my guild. I just realize that its really quite a corrupt little system. Our Guild Leader is corruptable, but then again, so is everyone else. Its funny how governmental issues are somewhat mirrored in our guilds just on a much smaller scale. I wish I could discuss this in greater detail but my word skills are minimal.

To get to the point, I want to start my own guild. A real guild that has active people. Perhaps even a guild that raids. But this might not be the best idea. Right now I am really quite excited and motivated to do this but who knows how I’ll feel about it a month into the project. I do have a tendency to not finish things. I have always wanted my own guild, though, and what happened the other day is only more incentive to do so.

This morning I went on WoW just to do some fishing (skill level 252, need to get it up) before I had to go to work. Only one other guildmate was online at the time and he greeted me when I logged on. Nobody ever greets me specifically like that. He jokingly decides that since we’re the only ones online we should make new guild rules. I agreed with him. So that’s what we did, jokingly made new rules that including: more raiding/activity, a celebratory Naxx run for fresh 80’s, equal treatment towards all members, and free smoothies to those who play in the morning. Other people logged on (Grow Some Balls, actually) so we stopped our utopian guild conversation just as I was preparing a proposal to start a new guild, joking of course. Oh well.

Maybe I’ll do it. Even if I were to create a guild and eventually (inevitably) leave it, it would fall into the hands of the dedicated members whose sense of community would be strong enough to carry on without their beloved Guild Leader, looking forward to the day when she would return to bless them with her presence.

Wait… what..?