I’d like to start off by saying that I’m pretty much tired of hearing about Ensidia and their ban. You either feel bad for them or you don’t.
Not to elongate the topic, but I’ll go ahead and give my two cents on the matter. But first, if you don’t know what I’m talking about I suggest you google Ensidia and figure it out. Basically the guild Ensidia allegedly exploited some glitch in the game that made the Lich King encounter much easier than it was meant to be. Blizzard says they should’ve known better and removed their world-first Lich King kill achievement and any loot they got plus they guild got a 3-day ban from WoW, plus, I believe an additional week long ban from that particular encounter.

I personally think that both Blizzard and Ensidia are at fault here. Ensidia for pretending not to have noticed there must be some kind of glitch that reduced the difficulty of the encounter and Blizzard for slacking off and not taking care of the glitch before they released it to the public.

I don’t feel sorry for Ensidia, they shouldve known better. But that really must sting so hard, having the coveted world first achievement and then getting it snatched away from you just like that. And I don’t blame Blizzard for doing what they did. Despite all the uproar now about how fair or unfair this is, imagine how much worse it would’ve been if people found out about what Ensidia did and that Blizzard didn’t do anything to (for lack of a better word) punish them for it. If Blizzard wasn’t rock solid with enforcing their rules a lot more people would be angry because that wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the community. So, wether Ensidia knew that they were breaking the rules or not Blizzard absolutely did what they had to do wether they wanted to do it or not in order to remain fair and uncorrupted.

And that’s all I have to say about that, so let us move along.

On a related topic, how cool would it be to be a part of a world first .. well, anything. Itd be specially awesome to be world first in something as epic as killing the Lich King. It’d even be cool to be a server first, lol. Seriously.

Now to get back on track with my daily whining about PUGs or guild or whatever.

Yesterday was a somewhat sour day, as far as WoW goes (that’s not to say I enjoyed the rest of my day, I hate my job). It all started well enough when I queued up on my horde Priest (blood elf) and got one of those awesome talkative lowbie groups. We got Wailing Caverns and it wasn’t a succesful run in terms of “did we finish it” but it was so much fun just chilling out and actually PLAYING A GAME! Like, who knew games could be fun and like stuff like like?! We missed one fanglord and couldn’t figure out which one so we decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. Towards the end we’d all been discussing what we’d be eating after the run was over. It was such a light-hearted and entertaining run. I queued right up for another run after I trained my level 18 skills. This next run was annoying. It was like a heroic level 80 run. Nobody talked, the tank pulled too fast without letting me drink, the hunter would sometimes pull instead of the tank. It was just so rushed and annoying. I shouldve known something was up when I got there and it was already in progress. I should just not accept going into groups that are already in progress anymore. I left, I didn’t want to deal with it.

I’ve been avoiding going on Briiseis, my main, lately. I just go on to do the frost emblem run and that’s it. I wonder if I left my guild I’d go online more often. Maybe I’ll join my alt banker’s guild, which is just a guild bank I have. I love their tabard, pink background with a white octopus.