I used to play Guild Wars. I played for a few months at the behest of one of my best friends. I played because I was on hiatus from WoW and missed it. I needed my MMO fix.
GW was fine and dandy but it was lacking. It felt like watching television in black and white after having watched in color all my life. It was empty and quickly became tedious and boring. It really came to a point that I only played in order to spend more time with my friend. (Though I will admit chasing random warriors around was fun times. They’re delish.)

So, this same friend, after a little effort on my part to bring her to Azeroth had finally decided to give it a shot and got a trial account on Monday. After one day of “play” she has basically given it up. “Oh, I might play a few more times” said she, but I know the truth: she ain’t gonna play.

I know that GW has prettier looking character models (much prettier) but they’re like empty shells. Clones of each other, basically. That’s not to say that WoW’s character models are incredibly unique, though. We’ve heard many a sorrowful cry in the night for an update to our poor character models. (Male Humans /shudder.)

Okay, okay, I’m not going to into the differences between WoW and GW.

I just love WoW because it is so dynamic, and that’s what I intended this post to be about: why I love WoW.

P.S. Since I started this post my friend tried playing a NE Druid and sent me a message saying “I’ve found my WoW niche! I’m a NightElf Druid!” It made me very happy.

There is so much to do on WoW. It literally is its own little world and the players make it spin. Sometimes I’m just in awe of how rich this world is. It has so much to offer, from friendship and commraderie to beautiful landscapes to terrifying challenges to the simple act of fishing!

I’m in a little bit of a romantic first couple of dates stage with my guild. Sure, the guild offended me in the past, but that was just ONE incident involving one (or two) person. Since then, I’ve been running around with a few of my guildmates. The more we do things together the closer we get. Its really beginning to feel like a community to me. I want to try to do more stuff with more of my guildies and try to avoid becoming part of a clique. I hate cliques.

I have to try to open up and not be afraid of the fact that my jokes are stale (at best) or that I’m not the best tank there is or that I’m not as smart as everyone else. At least my guild will recognize me. I won’t be that lonely shadow in the corner as I usually am.

Last night was the most fun I’ve had playing this game that I can remember. We had TotC on the calender. I signed up for it a week ago and have been reading strategies and watching videos to make sure I’m prepared. Don’t want to be caught with my pants down on my first raid ever. I went on and took care of some last minute things like enchanting a couple of items, buying some elixirs and repairing my gear (gained 1.4k hp after I did that, so yeah big help). Two hours later, the Raid Leader hadn’t shown up yet. Our Guild Leader came out to say that since RL was a no show (probably because of his new job) we should gather up and run Ony10. Healers in the guild were reluctant to chime in so we didn’t really get together for Ony10.

After sitting in Ironforge for three hours waiting for raid invites that would never come you’d think I would be upset but I wasn’t. I’d been whispering back and forth with multiple people. I felt so loved. Its just a totally different game when you actually have friends. Eventually I got together with a few other guildies and we ran some heroics. It was great. Even CoS was pleasent! We were chatting and having fun! I loved it.

We ran two or three heroics before everyone left except me and a guildie hunter. The two of us queued up for a random and the group we got was so different from our Happy Guild Run. They were such grumpy people, especially the Paladin healer. He was pulling EVERY single time, refusing to wait for me. I said to him “You realized I hate to pull and did it for me 😀 thanks”. I thought it was clever lol. And yeah he kept pulling the entire run. Oh well. I kept cool, he couldn’t take me down from the joyful high I was on.