Sigh sigh sigh.

I’ve been running Forge of Souls every day trying to get a new pair of tanking boots. The other night Richter, my pocket warrior (or am I his pocket tank?), and I went in to run my daily FoS for the danged boots. From the very beginning, with a “gogogo” during buffs from the warlock, it was a frustrating run. The healer, a tree, complaining after every pull about the quality of our dps. The death knight whining, although not annoying at all compared to the healer’s constant spamming of recount, about wanting the trinket from the last boss. I said I was there for the tanking boots only.

The tree’s constant babble brought out the worst in me. I kept arguing right back at him, even using my sentence enhancers, as Spongebob and Patrick so memorably put it. It was frustrating and annoying but in some deep dark corner (or not-so-deep dark corner) of my small dried-out heart I was enjoying myself as I cursed this jerk out and argued that our dps was doing fine. I wasn’t the only one telling him to stfu either, but I was reluctant to start a votekick since FoS is just a quick run with only two bosses and few trash packs. Plus, I guess I enjoy adversity.

So we get to the hallway right before the last boss, the part with the annoying over-sized ghosties. We fight the first ghost and I soon realize that I’m getting no heals. Nobody but Richter is getting any heals. Richter was also the only one who had kept his mouth shut during our dps arguement. “Thanks for the *expletive* heals,” I say. I heal myself up and continue towards the next ghost. The tree decides to heal me this time. What does he think? He thinks he’s teaching me a lesson by not healing me? What the eff? Richter later told me that the tree had actually whispered him saying he was the only one doing his part so he was the only one getting healed. Richter, bless his heart, was only annoyed by this comment. The tree leaves after we wipe on the last boss. Good riddance.

Whatever. My real complaint isn’t the healer, though. My real complaint is about the death knight that the healer was complaining about. After we killed the last boss, guess what, my boots dropped. I was immediately cheered up. The DK complained that his trinket didn’t drop and that nothing he wanted ever dropped. I said I was sorry and expressed my optomistic wishes that it would drop for him next time. I rolled need and waited to receive my prize after days of running FoS for it. I rolled an 11, but it didn’t matter because everyone was passing or rolling anything but Need.

NOT. The DK rolls Need – 86 and leaves the party.

Thank you. Jackass. You whiny little bitch didn’t get what you wanted so you take my boots. If you can’t win, nobody can, huh? I hope karma gets your ass and never drops your dumbass trinket for you. I wish I could be there everytime you roll need on it and I’d roll need and disenchant it right in front of you.

After all that. After I defended you against the loony healer and tried to be nice and sympathetic when your trinket didn’t drop. You ungrateful low-life swine.

Quite frankly, I really feel that I encountered every kind of jerk that I could during that one run. It was like the jackass of all jackass runs. We had dps bitching, recount linking, aggro stealing, heals not healing and loot ninjas ninjaing.

So let’s move along.

Last night I got votekicked from Halls of Reflection after two wipes. Richter told me as the vote began. I told him to go ahead and let them kick me. He did and then he left the group. He said that the healer thought I wasn’t defense capped. You know, 540. The problem is that I AM def capped at 549, actually.

Thanks for the support Richter. We got back together and did other stuff the rest of the evening.

Halls of Reflection has made me reflect on my survivability, though. I wasn’t upset about the votekick, I saw it coming. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been taking a lot of damage. I watch as my HP plummets very quickly. I am always tempted to ask my healers if I am difficult to heal. And then I think back on what my guild leader said a few weeks back during a casual guild conversation about various things. He said that a smart tank gems for avoidance while a tank who doesn’t know any better just stacks stamina. I guess I’m a noob tank because just about all my gems have stamina on them with a couple of blue stamina only ones in there as well. I am addicted to stamina.

I’ve never been kicked from a group before. I like to think that I’m a decent tank, although not the best. It scares me when I see my HP plummet so quickly. I have no avoidance.

I’ll have to go and switch some of my gems to get some more avoidance. I guess I always worried more about stamina than anything else because I’d heard somewhere about how Paladins have the lowest base HP out of all the other tanking classes.

I’ll gem avoidance stats and queue up for HoR when I go home. We’ll see how it goes.

P.S. Richter and I did FoS again last night and the trinket dropped. He won it :).