on jackassery and survivability. Thursday, Feb 25 2010 

Sigh sigh sigh.

I’ve been running Forge of Souls every day trying to get a new pair of tanking boots. The other night Richter, my pocket warrior (or am I his pocket tank?), and I went in to run my daily FoS for the danged boots. From the very beginning, with a “gogogo” during buffs from the warlock, it was a frustrating run. The healer, a tree, complaining after every pull about the quality of our dps. The death knight whining, although not annoying at all compared to the healer’s constant spamming of recount, about wanting the trinket from the last boss. I said I was there for the tanking boots only.

The tree’s constant babble brought out the worst in me. I kept arguing right back at him, even using my sentence enhancers, as Spongebob and Patrick so memorably put it. It was frustrating and annoying but in some deep dark corner (or not-so-deep dark corner) of my small dried-out heart I was enjoying myself as I cursed this jerk out and argued that our dps was doing fine. I wasn’t the only one telling him to stfu either, but I was reluctant to start a votekick since FoS is just a quick run with only two bosses and few trash packs. Plus, I guess I enjoy adversity.

So we get to the hallway right before the last boss, the part with the annoying over-sized ghosties. We fight the first ghost and I soon realize that I’m getting no heals. Nobody but Richter is getting any heals. Richter was also the only one who had kept his mouth shut during our dps arguement. “Thanks for the *expletive* heals,” I say. I heal myself up and continue towards the next ghost. The tree decides to heal me this time. What does he think? He thinks he’s teaching me a lesson by not healing me? What the eff? Richter later told me that the tree had actually whispered him saying he was the only one doing his part so he was the only one getting healed. Richter, bless his heart, was only annoyed by this comment. The tree leaves after we wipe on the last boss. Good riddance.

Whatever. My real complaint isn’t the healer, though. My real complaint is about the death knight that the healer was complaining about. After we killed the last boss, guess what, my boots dropped. I was immediately cheered up. The DK complained that his trinket didn’t drop and that nothing he wanted ever dropped. I said I was sorry and expressed my optomistic wishes that it would drop for him next time. I rolled need and waited to receive my prize after days of running FoS for it. I rolled an 11, but it didn’t matter because everyone was passing or rolling anything but Need.

NOT. The DK rolls Need – 86 and leaves the party.

Thank you. Jackass. You whiny little bitch didn’t get what you wanted so you take my boots. If you can’t win, nobody can, huh? I hope karma gets your ass and never drops your dumbass trinket for you. I wish I could be there everytime you roll need on it and I’d roll need and disenchant it right in front of you.

After all that. After I defended you against the loony healer and tried to be nice and sympathetic when your trinket didn’t drop. You ungrateful low-life swine.

Quite frankly, I really feel that I encountered every kind of jerk that I could during that one run. It was like the jackass of all jackass runs. We had dps bitching, recount linking, aggro stealing, heals not healing and loot ninjas ninjaing.

So let’s move along.

Last night I got votekicked from Halls of Reflection after two wipes. Richter told me as the vote began. I told him to go ahead and let them kick me. He did and then he left the group. He said that the healer thought I wasn’t defense capped. You know, 540. The problem is that I AM def capped at 549, actually.

Thanks for the support Richter. We got back together and did other stuff the rest of the evening.

Halls of Reflection has made me reflect on my survivability, though. I wasn’t upset about the votekick, I saw it coming. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been taking a lot of damage. I watch as my HP plummets very quickly. I am always tempted to ask my healers if I am difficult to heal. And then I think back on what my guild leader said a few weeks back during a casual guild conversation about various things. He said that a smart tank gems for avoidance while a tank who doesn’t know any better just stacks stamina. I guess I’m a noob tank because just about all my gems have stamina on them with a couple of blue stamina only ones in there as well. I am addicted to stamina.

I’ve never been kicked from a group before. I like to think that I’m a decent tank, although not the best. It scares me when I see my HP plummet so quickly. I have no avoidance.

I’ll have to go and switch some of my gems to get some more avoidance. I guess I always worried more about stamina than anything else because I’d heard somewhere about how Paladins have the lowest base HP out of all the other tanking classes.

I’ll gem avoidance stats and queue up for HoR when I go home. We’ll see how it goes.

P.S. Richter and I did FoS again last night and the trinket dropped. He won it :).


Sadface Wednesday, Feb 24 2010 

Ninjas are annoying. I hate them a lot.

Guildies. Thursday, Feb 18 2010 

I used to play Guild Wars. I played for a few months at the behest of one of my best friends. I played because I was on hiatus from WoW and missed it. I needed my MMO fix.
GW was fine and dandy but it was lacking. It felt like watching television in black and white after having watched in color all my life. It was empty and quickly became tedious and boring. It really came to a point that I only played in order to spend more time with my friend. (Though I will admit chasing random warriors around was fun times. They’re delish.)

So, this same friend, after a little effort on my part to bring her to Azeroth had finally decided to give it a shot and got a trial account on Monday. After one day of “play” she has basically given it up. “Oh, I might play a few more times” said she, but I know the truth: she ain’t gonna play.

I know that GW has prettier looking character models (much prettier) but they’re like empty shells. Clones of each other, basically. That’s not to say that WoW’s character models are incredibly unique, though. We’ve heard many a sorrowful cry in the night for an update to our poor character models. (Male Humans /shudder.)

Okay, okay, I’m not going to into the differences between WoW and GW.

I just love WoW because it is so dynamic, and that’s what I intended this post to be about: why I love WoW.

P.S. Since I started this post my friend tried playing a NE Druid and sent me a message saying “I’ve found my WoW niche! I’m a NightElf Druid!” It made me very happy.

There is so much to do on WoW. It literally is its own little world and the players make it spin. Sometimes I’m just in awe of how rich this world is. It has so much to offer, from friendship and commraderie to beautiful landscapes to terrifying challenges to the simple act of fishing!

I’m in a little bit of a romantic first couple of dates stage with my guild. Sure, the guild offended me in the past, but that was just ONE incident involving one (or two) person. Since then, I’ve been running around with a few of my guildmates. The more we do things together the closer we get. Its really beginning to feel like a community to me. I want to try to do more stuff with more of my guildies and try to avoid becoming part of a clique. I hate cliques.

I have to try to open up and not be afraid of the fact that my jokes are stale (at best) or that I’m not the best tank there is or that I’m not as smart as everyone else. At least my guild will recognize me. I won’t be that lonely shadow in the corner as I usually am.

Last night was the most fun I’ve had playing this game that I can remember. We had TotC on the calender. I signed up for it a week ago and have been reading strategies and watching videos to make sure I’m prepared. Don’t want to be caught with my pants down on my first raid ever. I went on and took care of some last minute things like enchanting a couple of items, buying some elixirs and repairing my gear (gained 1.4k hp after I did that, so yeah big help). Two hours later, the Raid Leader hadn’t shown up yet. Our Guild Leader came out to say that since RL was a no show (probably because of his new job) we should gather up and run Ony10. Healers in the guild were reluctant to chime in so we didn’t really get together for Ony10.

After sitting in Ironforge for three hours waiting for raid invites that would never come you’d think I would be upset but I wasn’t. I’d been whispering back and forth with multiple people. I felt so loved. Its just a totally different game when you actually have friends. Eventually I got together with a few other guildies and we ran some heroics. It was great. Even CoS was pleasent! We were chatting and having fun! I loved it.

We ran two or three heroics before everyone left except me and a guildie hunter. The two of us queued up for a random and the group we got was so different from our Happy Guild Run. They were such grumpy people, especially the Paladin healer. He was pulling EVERY single time, refusing to wait for me. I said to him “You realized I hate to pull and did it for me 😀 thanks”. I thought it was clever lol. And yeah he kept pulling the entire run. Oh well. I kept cool, he couldn’t take me down from the joyful high I was on.

Get over it? Saturday, Feb 6 2010 

I’d like to start off by saying that I’m pretty much tired of hearing about Ensidia and their ban. You either feel bad for them or you don’t.
Not to elongate the topic, but I’ll go ahead and give my two cents on the matter. But first, if you don’t know what I’m talking about I suggest you google Ensidia and figure it out. Basically the guild Ensidia allegedly exploited some glitch in the game that made the Lich King encounter much easier than it was meant to be. Blizzard says they should’ve known better and removed their world-first Lich King kill achievement and any loot they got plus they guild got a 3-day ban from WoW, plus, I believe an additional week long ban from that particular encounter.

I personally think that both Blizzard and Ensidia are at fault here. Ensidia for pretending not to have noticed there must be some kind of glitch that reduced the difficulty of the encounter and Blizzard for slacking off and not taking care of the glitch before they released it to the public.

I don’t feel sorry for Ensidia, they shouldve known better. But that really must sting so hard, having the coveted world first achievement and then getting it snatched away from you just like that. And I don’t blame Blizzard for doing what they did. Despite all the uproar now about how fair or unfair this is, imagine how much worse it would’ve been if people found out about what Ensidia did and that Blizzard didn’t do anything to (for lack of a better word) punish them for it. If Blizzard wasn’t rock solid with enforcing their rules a lot more people would be angry because that wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the community. So, wether Ensidia knew that they were breaking the rules or not Blizzard absolutely did what they had to do wether they wanted to do it or not in order to remain fair and uncorrupted.

And that’s all I have to say about that, so let us move along.

On a related topic, how cool would it be to be a part of a world first .. well, anything. Itd be specially awesome to be world first in something as epic as killing the Lich King. It’d even be cool to be a server first, lol. Seriously.

Now to get back on track with my daily whining about PUGs or guild or whatever.

Yesterday was a somewhat sour day, as far as WoW goes (that’s not to say I enjoyed the rest of my day, I hate my job). It all started well enough when I queued up on my horde Priest (blood elf) and got one of those awesome talkative lowbie groups. We got Wailing Caverns and it wasn’t a succesful run in terms of “did we finish it” but it was so much fun just chilling out and actually PLAYING A GAME! Like, who knew games could be fun and like stuff like like?! We missed one fanglord and couldn’t figure out which one so we decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. Towards the end we’d all been discussing what we’d be eating after the run was over. It was such a light-hearted and entertaining run. I queued right up for another run after I trained my level 18 skills. This next run was annoying. It was like a heroic level 80 run. Nobody talked, the tank pulled too fast without letting me drink, the hunter would sometimes pull instead of the tank. It was just so rushed and annoying. I shouldve known something was up when I got there and it was already in progress. I should just not accept going into groups that are already in progress anymore. I left, I didn’t want to deal with it.

I’ve been avoiding going on Briiseis, my main, lately. I just go on to do the frost emblem run and that’s it. I wonder if I left my guild I’d go online more often. Maybe I’ll join my alt banker’s guild, which is just a guild bank I have. I love their tabard, pink background with a white octopus.

Delusions of Grandeur..? Friday, Feb 5 2010 

I’m still upset with my guild. I just realize that its really quite a corrupt little system. Our Guild Leader is corruptable, but then again, so is everyone else. Its funny how governmental issues are somewhat mirrored in our guilds just on a much smaller scale. I wish I could discuss this in greater detail but my word skills are minimal.

To get to the point, I want to start my own guild. A real guild that has active people. Perhaps even a guild that raids. But this might not be the best idea. Right now I am really quite excited and motivated to do this but who knows how I’ll feel about it a month into the project. I do have a tendency to not finish things. I have always wanted my own guild, though, and what happened the other day is only more incentive to do so.

This morning I went on WoW just to do some fishing (skill level 252, need to get it up) before I had to go to work. Only one other guildmate was online at the time and he greeted me when I logged on. Nobody ever greets me specifically like that. He jokingly decides that since we’re the only ones online we should make new guild rules. I agreed with him. So that’s what we did, jokingly made new rules that including: more raiding/activity, a celebratory Naxx run for fresh 80’s, equal treatment towards all members, and free smoothies to those who play in the morning. Other people logged on (Grow Some Balls, actually) so we stopped our utopian guild conversation just as I was preparing a proposal to start a new guild, joking of course. Oh well.

Maybe I’ll do it. Even if I were to create a guild and eventually (inevitably) leave it, it would fall into the hands of the dedicated members whose sense of community would be strong enough to carry on without their beloved Guild Leader, looking forward to the day when she would return to bless them with her presence.

Wait… what..?

Of bear tanks and guild drama. Thursday, Feb 4 2010 

My main character is Briiseis on Turalyon. She’s a Paladin tank. I enjoy tanking very much. I can basically just go as fast or as slow as I want, screw the “gogogo” DPS.

Last night when the dreaded “gogogo” was uttered I wentwentwent. I didn’t even stop when I was OOM. I didn’t even stop for the healer to catch up. I didn’t loot anything I just went and by the time the gogogo DPS was caught up I was 2 pulls away from him.

You ever been driving down a busy road and you get tailgaters? The gogogo’s of the street. I cackle when I get the chance to do this: I slow down to 10 mph below the speed limit, let’s see how long gogogo will endure my slow crawl pace. He moves to another lane with the intention of passing me but just before he manages to do so it’s pedal to the metal for me and he has no choice but to get back behind me. Screw you, gogogo! And then I realize I might very possibly have ruined someone’s mood and I don’t feel bad about it.

So then I have a choice to slow down to a maddening pace. Let them gogogo and pull themselves. You spank it, you tank it: that’s my motto. Sure, I’m being a bit of a jerk. Sure the healer might hate me. And sure, I might get votekicked. I don’t care.

Okay, well, the truth of the matter is that I never really do this. I usually just try to ignore “gogogo”s and go as fast as I feel comfortable going. I like to think I’m pretty mellow.

Now to completely change the topic. Let’s discuss my baby druid, Viirlomi. (I wonder if anyone will get the references I’m making with the names Briiseis and Viirlomi?) She just dinged 22 yesterday. I created her specifically for healing but I’ve taken her into the balance tree instead. I’m excited about boomkin, quite frankly, but I’d still like to heal with her. Viirlomi has mostly been questing around while she waits for the dungeon call because I queue her up as DPS.

Interestingly, she’s been healing and tanking more than DPSing once she actually gets into the instance. There have simply been a string of terrible Priests in the dungeons I’ve done. Yesterday I was in a group with 3 priests (2 as DPS, obviously) and another druid. It was interesting and the group eventually fell apart. With three frigging priests in the group my druid was actually doing most of the healing. The healer just kind of stood there and didn’t heal the tank until he was at about 30% health. The poor bear tank kept calling out for heals time and time again. There were THREE PRIESTS. Somebody commented on my low DPS (/rolleyes) during that run because I kept going kitty DPS. I said “I’m afraid to use up my mana in case I need to emergency heal the tank.” And the healer priest asked why and I told him “You’re letting his health get too low before throwing out a heal.”

Nobody was happy about that but, actually, the three priests did start healing more often. I stopped healing completely just to see how it went and we did end up wiping. The tank died because the priests started slacking again. I went bear mode and tried to pick up the adds but it was too late and I’m too unfamiliar with bear tanking. One by one we all went down. And I chimed in, full of contempt like the jerk that I am (sometimes), “See what I mean?”

The healer left and one of the shadow priests left. I left too, I was tired of that run. Questing is just as good.

I immediately queued back up and 15 minutes later I was back in the same instance. This time there were four Night Elves (2 annoying rogues but they did their job well enough, and 2 druids. My druid was DPS and the other was healing) and one Human (paladin, tank).

The tank wasn’t tanking. I can’t remember if he had consecrate at 20 yet, but I know he had a taunt at this point and he wasn’t using it. He beat on one guy and ignored the rest.

In his defense, he was having some major lag issues. At one point, and this is where it got fun, his toon was stuck in his crouched looting pose for like five minutes. We poked him and asked if he was okay but no response. We figured it was the lag. I went into bear mode as a patrol came walking by and tanked it.

I was now the tank and we continued. It was difficult, especially since I’d never bothered to go over the bear skills, but I started getting into a rhythm. It was a lot of fun. It was like learning to ride a bike and when you finally start to get it and your dad let’s you ride on your own. It was great. Eventually the paladin tank came back and caught up with us, poor guy. We’d already cleared all the way up to the last boss, though.

That was a good run. The healer was awesome, seriously. What is it about druid heals? They’re always awesome or at least decent. I’ve never had a bad druid healer, ever. I hope I’m not jinxing myself.

Okay, now to switch topics once more.

Guild drama. Well, more like guild annoyance.

I’ve recently started developing a slight sense of loyalty towards my current guild as I become (slightly, for I am a quiet person) a little more involved with the people in my guild through guild chat and recent dungeon crawling. If anybody wants to do randoms, I want to go with them. I try to talk a bit in gchat but I am not witty or clever or funny so its a little difficult to be entertaining, but I try.
Yesterday, after listening to family drama and after an annoying day of work (I HATE my job with all my heart) I log on to WoW. I log on to Briiseis and stand around in Dalaran as I think about what to do first. Some guys are on gchat talking, I’ve never seen them before but they are definite guild officers and personal friends of the guild leader. I didn’t know any of this. So, one of them makes a “funny” comment in gchat. “Geared tank LF raiding guild.” Awkward silence and the lol’s roll in. Geared Tank makes a comment “sorry, MT”. Someone chimes in “at least have the balls to gquit first”, or something to that effect. Guild Leader says to Geared Tank “I know you’re not sorry.” Geared Tank then makes some rude comments, including expletives, at the guy who told him to grow some balls. I say “wtf?” Because, in my naivete, I was led to believe that we were a “mature” and “respectful” guild. An argument of sorts ensued. More expletives and general lack of respect were thrown around by Geared Tank. Grow Some Balls suggested to Guild Leader “can we get a votekick going?” Geared Tank replies “yeah let’s votekick and guess what? I win”.

Grow Some Balls has been kicked from guild by Geared Tank.

Okay, I’m confused. Where the hell is Guild Leader, I wonder to myself. I have seen people get kicked out of guild for much less than this kind of blatant disrespect. Geared Tank was purposely creating guild drama for NO REASON, I could imagine him just laughing it up. I look to see if maybe Guild Leader was in a dungeon or a raid and couldn’t pay attention to gchat at the moment but he’s just in Dalaran or Stormwind or something equally inconsequential. I ask, “Guild Leader, is this guy a friend of yours?” No response from GL. I’ve come to understand that my guild status is basically “she don’t matter”. Some people make remarks about Geared Tank’s rude behavior.
I check guild player status and I see that Geared Tank is actually one of the Big Shot Officers in the guild, a spot I understand to be reserved for founding members and friends of Guild Leader, whereas Grow Some Balls was but a mere “member”.

Grow Some Balls was invited back to the guild with an “its good to be back” sort of comment. I’m genuinely confused and more than a little disgusted. I feel like I’ve been man handled, actually. I start to wonder if this was some sort of joke or stunt to get people riled up. I’m disappointed with Guild Leader, most of all. Someone goes on to explain that Geared Tank was a close friend of Guild Leader, Guild Leader chimes in to confirm this and adds that Geared Tank was simply pushing his buttons. Wtf? This upsets me. I don’t care if it was all a big distasteful joke.

This jackass, Geared Tank, was throwing around insults, expletives and general rudeness. It was like watching a child piss in his closet. It was more ridiculous than any Anal [Spell Name] joke I have EVER seen in trade chat.

Okay, so he’s a jackass and nothing better. We can’t expect jackasses to be anything but that. My real issue, the thing that curdles my milk, the fly in my soup, is Guild Leader’s behavior. He eventually steps in to calm everyone down but I am certainly not calm. I keep my mouth shut, though. How can he and other Big Shot Officers live with this double standard? I’ll admit that I only skimmed over the guild rules and such but the whole thing had an air of respect towards others kinda thing. Like I mentioned before, I’ve seen members kicked for much less than what Geared Asshole was doing. So, I guess its okay to be a jackass in guild chat? Oh wait, no its not, not unless you’re a personal friend of Guild Leader.

Whatever. They should mention that in the guild rules. Personal friends get preferential treatment, VIP status, and a license to do whatever they want. If this is the kind of thing going on in guild chat I’m not sure I want to raid with people like this, especially being new to it all. I have visions of getting verbally abused by Geared Tank and Friends for not being pro like them while the Guild Leader just sits on the sidelines letting it all pass, because, you know, it’s just a joke.

I should gquit.

Garfrost will get ya, and your little PUG, too! Bwahahaha BWAHAHAHA! Wednesday, Feb 3 2010 

It’s funny that my previous post should have talked about a fail PoS pug. Last night I had another amazingly terrible PoS run. I’ll take responsibility for the absurdity that was our encounter with Garfrost. I suppose I’m simply used to having overpowered healers or DPS who will usually allow me to faceroll through that fight. This is a problem that many people have blogged about: the complacency of players in the LFD system now that we have a lot of over geared people running heroics and the facerolling that ensues. The players who are going into these dungeons for the first time watch as the over geared players seemingly steamroll right through the dungeons with minimal effort. Because the healer is overly amazing, nobody really bothers to avoid damage and therefore just beat their faces against the boss until he dies. Apparently, brute force is all it takes nowadays. So when the new player watches this he figures that’s all it takes to beat the boss and he never bothers to learn what the fight really requires. I’ll admit I’ve been/am one of these idiot players who don’t bother to figure out the mechanics of the fight. I never wanted to be like that, but it just happened, it was just easier. It didn’t seem imperative to me that I learn the mechanics of every single encounter.

So, yesterday, we get to Garfrost and we/I decided to let him use our collective face as toilet tissue a couple of times. As it turns out, I (tank) was supposed to hide behind the boulders of saronite, along with the rest of the party, after he stuns and while he’s at the anvil in order to let the debuff wear off. Then you let him come to you and beat him down without running around like a chicken with your head cut off. It took two wipes and the commanding, yet respectful, instructions of a Boomkin to set me straight. After he taught me how to properly fight Garfrost I realized what an easy fight it really was and felt pretty stupid but somewhat fulfilled that I had learned something new.

I sincerely felt extremely grateful to the awesome druid who found it worth his while to enlighten us when he could simply have left the party, never to meet this failtank again. And here lies yet another problem with the LFD system which I am certain plenty of bloggers before me have complained about: a certain apathy and impatience among the more “learned” players. They join a party and once something doesn’t work out they often just leave the party. If its a matter of strategy why not share your knowledge with those who lack it? but then again, if these people decide to help out by chiming in who’s to say anybody will listen?

As the run progressed our druid continued to communicate with me through whispers as we realized that our healer simply wasn’t up to par. At one point the priest healer went afk to get the phone. Apparently, Priest’s daughter had just given birth to his first grandson. This caused a wipe since nobody realized he had said anything.

Now wait a minute.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

Your daughter just gave birth to your first grandson. Why aren’t you logging off the game to do something about it? How can you still be sitting at a game as your daughter gives birth? Are you crazy? I just don’t understand what would posses anyone to not be with their family at such a critical moment.

There are two things significantly wrong here. First, the obvious fact that this man is not joining in the celebration of the birth of his first grandson. He’d rather be playing wow?! Second, he’s holding up the party. His extreme distraction is making us all wipe. We wiped multiple times because he simply was NOT HEALING. We wiped on the boss, I watched my hp plummet at an alarming rate at the last boss (and throughout most of the instance) without getting any heals. I used Lay on Hands about 3 or 4 times (once on the Priest himself, in hopes that he would avoid death and heal the party before certain doom, it was a wasted effort.)

This is a lose lose situation for everyone involved. He is disrespecting his family and the pug by staying on the game. I was so tempted to votekick, but the morbid curiosity got to me. I wanted to see how far he would take this utter disrespect. He took it all the way.

It was an entertaining run. I will give myself credit for executing the tunnel of doom part without a flaw. It was a thing of beauty.

Plus, I made friends with the aforementioned boomkin druid. After the dust settled and the party disbanded, the two of us remained. We discussed a lot of things, including the priest’s failure (and my previous failure) for about an hour before we decided to queue up together for one more battle. Forge of Souls popped up, it was short and sweet. Perfect. Its really too bad he’s on a different server but I can jump on sometime to say hello.

I could say more about what went on last night, It was definitely an eventful run (I haven’t even touched on the subject of the drunk rogue who did 600 dps), but I’ve gone on long enough.

A noobadin, am I. Monday, Feb 1 2010 

Yesterday I got my first epic flying mount from the Culling of Stratholme. I forgot about the time boss or whatever, the one that actually drops the bronze drake, so I went ahead and told Arthas we were ready for final boss because everyone else was just standing around. As the rest of the group headed in a different direction (without informing me of their intentions even after I asked) I was left to face Mal-Ganis on my lonesome with only Arthas by my side until the rest of the party came back. Oh well, stupid me. Good thing I was able to heal myself. But they let me have the mount drop. Now I only need 4k gold to train my riding skill.

Lately I’ve been feeling more and more like a noob. The more I learn about tanking and other aspects of the game the more I realize how much I don’t know. This also applies to life in general.  The good thing, though, is that when it comes to WoW there is really a finite amount of knowledge involved (I guess this is kind of a shallow thing to say). Eventually, if you keep at it long enough, you’ll know pretty much everything you need to know about the game- or at least most of it.

What makes me upset is that I’ve been playing for so long, since vanilla, and I’m still a noob. In my defense, I have had several breaks from WoW during which new things were introduced to the game. My longest hiatus was when WotLK came out. I was gone for nearly a year, left the game the day after they implemented the Achievement system. I got bored with the game. I got bored because all I did were dailies that never seemed to get me anywhere. I never did instances or raids.

Oh well, I’ve mostly gotten over my performance anxiety and am now a LFG addict. Hopefully my guild will start raiding again and take me along. I have never been in a raid lol. The game is so much more fun once you go ahead and DO stuff with people. If you just solo level (like I always did) once you hit the level cap you’re at a loss: what next? Sure, you could farm whatever you want or spam your professions or play the auction house and  make gold or become an achievement whore, but those things aren’t really the core of the game. To me, the real point of this game is to progress through the content that Blizzard has created for us. Everything else we can do in game is supplementary to the progression. At least that’s the way I see it.

Augh. I’ve been reading so many blogs and 75% of these blogs have been ranting about the issue of fail pugs. Its all very comical to read about but its not very nice once you experience it for yourself and worse still is realizing that YOU are the main reason behind this fail pug. What’s even worse? Doing it in front of the first guildie you’ve ever gone and done a random instance with. Even worse is when said guildie doesn’t seem very forgiving and when one of the random puggers is the one whispering you words of encouragement. I was tanking Pit of Saron, and it wasn’t my first time either, maybe my third time tanking that particular instance. I can’t remember anything about that run except for the tunnel of falling icy doom part during which I simply couldn’t hold aggro! I really don’t know what happened, I was throwing down consecration (not holy wrath though) trying to pull but I dunno. I had never failed to properly tank that place before (or since then) I guess it was just a weird day. That wasn’t the only problem I had holding aggro during that run, if I recall correctly, but any details of further or preceding fail-tankness were all burned away by the blazing horror that was my performance in that tunnel. I think we wiped twice in there, that says it all.

I feel that this run has forever burned me into the memory of my guildie as a failtank and he will certainly never willingly group with me again. I’m afraid that once we start raiding, if I ever get the chance to tank for raids, he might be very reluctant to participate in anything I’m involved with.

Well… I can’t say I would blame him.